Seamless process

How It Works

01 Share your vision

Please reach us through our contact form to set an in-person, or virtual appointment to discuss your needs.

02 Set Budget & timeline

Based on our initial appointment, we will discuss your budget and expected timetable for your project and steps needed to reach your goals. A design proposal will be created based on the size of your project, budget and scope of work.

03 research & Design

During this step, we will provide the design concept and schematics, including elevations and material suggestions for the project.

04 Implementation

Once the concept is fully approved and the materials have been approved. The bidding and/or construction work can commence. Materials and finishes will be ordered to reduce delays in the completion of the project. Mai Spaces will perform project review visits to ensure the project is carried out according to specifications, and matching the approved design plan.

Fee Structure

HR - hourly rate

Current hourly rate is $100.00 per hour. This rate structure works great for clients with smaller projects with limited amount of time required for completion. The cost-per-hour takes into account travel time, visits to your space, shopping time, email or phone conversations, or other hours indirectly spent on your space. This does not, however, include furnishings or materials.

SF - Set Fee

Clients with larger projects would benefit from a flat fee for services when there are not architectural needs involved. My design agreement will clearly list what would be included for this fee, such as, revisions, visits to the site, selecting finishes, mood boards, etc.

PP - percentage of Project

Large projects that include structural needs and/or the partnership with an architect are usually priced by using a percentage of the total budget (construction, materials, etc.). Fees frequently range between 8-10% of the overall cost of the project.

C - Commission

Furniture, art works and décor get a markup fee of 20%. This commission fee is used in addition to the above-mentioned price structures.

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