Welcome to Mai Spaces

My name is Mai Townsend, and I am interior designer who loves renovating homes and re-imagining interiors and exteriors into unique and functional spaces.

I have been renovating and designing homes for over a decade. My experience has taught me that a successful design involves listening to the client’s needs and helping them make the right decisions when investing their money into a renovation to avoid costly mistakes. 

I have been in my client’s shoes with my own home projects. So I strive to create something different from the rest, having good relationships with contractors to build our designs, and have my clients enjoy the outcome of our ideas coming to fruition with smart budget choices. 

Each home deserves the care and imagination to bring it back to life beautifully and functionally. I want to help you create a space where you and your family can feel comfortable, happy, and safe. 

For many of us, our home is our most valuable asset. We have to treat it like one! A well-thought-out renovation will increase its value, expand its functionality and provide you with a space that reflects you.  

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Personalized designs

Mai Spaces provides unique and individualized design options for your space, based on your needs, budget and timelines.

Art Curation Options

Art can help transform spaces in unique ways. Mai Spaces can help your needs in incorporating original works of art from local artist in many different types of styles. We are a firm believer in supporting the local art community.

Reliable and Responsive

Mai Spaces prides itself on providing excellent customer service and response to all my clients, keeping with timelines and honest advice.

up-to-date trends

Constant research and continuing education are paramount of my business. I love to provide my clients with the best approach, materials and trends to fit their needs.

Turn your home into the perfect space with our personalized services.